My GrandpaT always said at nearly every meal to at least one of us grandkids "Why don't you eat and leave the food alone?" Which, to a 5 yr old, is pretty confusing. I think I have it figured out, but don't tell my family. We all believe what we want about Grandpa's words of wisdom on just about everything in the world.
For me, I will simply say - it makes me wonder what in the world I really have eaten myself into...

Monday, September 26, 2016

The #N S V Array Tabula (my #nsv list for TBBS #7)

In the weight loss world we have an acronym you will see a lot: NSV, which means Non-Scale Victory. These are things that occur as your weight drops that has nothing to do with the actual number of your scale. I usually hashtag it, because I like to search those hashtags for inspiration...

So - here are the ones I am looking forward to (these are in no particular order... just numbered for future reference):

  1. Less luggage when I travel
  3. More sleeping space on my queen size bed with my 6'4" husband
  4. My children will be affected -- in a good way. "They develop healthier eating patterns, eat healthier food," Madan tells WebMD. "A teenager is smart enough to see that if Mom or Dad is going through major surgery to lose weight, they don't want to be there themselves."
  5. Crossing my legs without needing a chair , wall, or hubs leg to prop my foot against.
  6. No longer being able to use my upper tummy as a table
  7. Jogging without dying
  8. Fitting into those Jordache jeans I STILL have.
  9. Not paying extra for Plus size clothes
  10. Shopping in non-plus size clothing stores
  11. Wearing Hubs' clothes because they are bigger, comfier, and cozier.
  12. Keeping up with my family without pain and exhaustion when we go on trips or tours.
  13. Painting my toenails without using my contortionist skills
  14. Seeing everything I am shaving without fear of falling in the shower
  15. Positions!!
  16. No more HBP meds
  17. No more CPAP
  18. My back may stay aligned longer... I love my Chiro, but it's crazy how often he has to put that ONE vertebrae pack in place.
  19. Looking great in the Jeep when we drive with the doors off... my fat won't overflow my seat anymore.
  20. Having room to wiggle when I buckle up!
  21. Sitting on Hubs lap and not worrying I'm too heavy.
  22. Hubs being able to pick me up! (Without crushing the life out of me or hurting himself).
  23. My willpower will not need to be so willful, because the changes come more naturally. I WANT to eat what is good for me, and NOT eat what is crap
  24. Look younger!
  25. more to come........
These are just the first ones off the top of my head... I will add when they appear, or I think of them!

Baritastic Social - guest post...stolen off F B , actually

I am a regular poster in a fantastic WLS support group named Baritastic Social. Recently a poster asked for our top 3 pieces of advice. One of our ladies posted this well worded, wonderful (and timely, for me!) list. 

September 22 at 12:53pm
Yesterday someone asked for 3 tips to new surgery patients. I went back and edited my I have way more than 3. But I wanted to post for higher visibility.
Disclaimer: As with all of us, I am not a doctor. This is knowledge gained from my own experience, and from participating in this group. Your experience may be different...Some stall longer, some don't throw up at all, etc. Everyone is different, but these notes are the more common.
RNY 1/25/16, HW:327, SW:312, CW: 220, GW:160 - I'm 5'8"
Maybe we can all make a single document of knowledge for everyone heading towards the loser's bench?
So you are scheduled for surgery....
Things they don't prepare you for:
1. Right after, few days, or a week or so after you will regret it. You will hit an emotional wall and will question what you have done to yourself. This feeling will prove to be temporary.
2. About 2 weeks in you will stall, and it will last (on average) 2-3 weeks.
3. While on the liquid phases your breath is going to STINK, no gum or mints allowed - brushing won't even touch it. Listerine breath strips are your best friend.
4. Your hormone balances are going to change. This means potential emotional train-wrecks for the first months. It also means that diseases that are affected by hormones, such as PCOS or even diabetes, can rapidly vanish post surgery.
5. More for RNY than Sleeve: You are going to throw up...a lot, especially at the beginning. Any time you eat too fast, or something too spicy, or didn't chew well enough, or any of the other hundreds of reasons your new anatomy has decided to reject your food. Learn from the mistake, or try that food again in a few more weeks. It stops happening as often as the months go by.
6. Hormone changes also mean that your body chemistry may change (as in how you smell, or how much you sweat). You may need to try different soaps or deodorants after a few months.
7. New noises! You new anatomy is going to sing you the song of it's people, even when you need to be quiet. Grumbles and other sounds do calm down after a while, but will still pop up every so often.
Diet tips:
1. Don't load up pre-surgery on supplies. Your tastes are going to change, and what you liked before you may not after. Most people say things are too sweet.
2. All non-caffeinated liquids count towards your fluid total including, but not limited to: protein shakes, popsicles, soup, and yogurt.
3. Boca Burgers count in the soft foods phase!!! (When you can eat eggs, long before real meat is allowed, you can eat a Boca burger)
4. Find a favorite restaurant that will accommodate menu changes. My favorite is Red Robin - I get a grilled chicken sandwich, no bun, and cup of chili, clam chowder, or black beans as a side. They also have Boca burgers, and that was my first post-surgery restaurant experience.
1. Start slow. Your first week just get up as you can and move. You are not doing a 5k two days after surgery, just getting back and forth to the bathroom may be enough.
2. You start post-surgical life still stuck in the same body you had going in. It will take time to build up strength and stamina. Walked a mile a day last week? How about a mile and a half this one - push yourself, but don't break yourself.
1. Constipation runs rampant with how we all now have to eat. Miralax is often the recommended fix for "pressing" problems. Daily walking, getting in required fluids, some daily Benefiber, and a daily cup of decaff coffee have all been listed as ways to stay regular. Do remember that your habits are going to change, since you don't eat as much anymore - so you may not go as often.
2. NO NSAIDS - this is forever. Why? because they can burn a hole in your now tiny stomach. Tylenol only for pain, most allergy meds are ok - go here for a better list…/medications-after-bariatric-su…

3. Everyone's doctor has different recommendations, and everyone has a different starting point/body makeup. Don't compare - do what your medical team has told you and stick to the plan you have been given (both for food and meds)
Don't let anyone dull your sparkle. There is still a stigma attached to this process, and many call it the easy way out. When you hear that, and you will at some point, just carry the knowledge that nothing about this is easy and you are working hard for your results.

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Procrastination Approximation (TBBS #6)

As usual, I have gone way too long between posts and much has changed.

I didn't get in with Penn State Hershey, they were worried the distance would hinder my commitment to the necessary follow up. I did switch to Meritus WLS in Hagerstown, MD. This has been a great thing! They accepted me, and pushed me right through as if I was with them all along.
My surgery is approved by my insurance. My date and time is set.

I will be arriving at 12:00 PM and enter surgery at 2:30 PM. I'm getting a bit nervous. More because my surgeon and I don't know each other well, and he, in doing his job has expressed surprise at my choice in RNY vs VSG. He is of the opinion there is no difference in results. I see why he is of that opinion, but I don't agree with him. So... a bit of trust goes into me letting him cut me open when he says "Will you sign this form that says you want me to do VSG if the RNY is medically impossible?" Sure, of course... but what is medically impossible? How many times has that happened to you? And if I end up with sleeve, not bypass... please understand I will be seeking another opinion and revision if I can and feel it's necessary.

It's all good though... I'm ready. I'm more than ready.
I have been taking TONS of before pics. When I see someone else's after or #NSV pic, I take a before of the same thing on me so I have a reference for later.

I'm going to make two more posts this week..
One to list all my before pic ideas.
One to list all my #NSV's
And maybe a third... one lady in my Facebook group Baritastic Social wrote a great post about what to expect.

RNY is Roux-En-Y aka Gastric Bypass
VSG is Vertical Gastric Sleeve
#NSV is Non-Scale Victory

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