My GrandpaT always said at nearly every meal to at least one of us grandkids "Why don't you eat and leave the food alone?" Which, to a 5 yr old, is pretty confusing. I think I have it figured out, but don't tell my family. We all believe what we want about Grandpa's words of wisdom on just about everything in the world.
For me, I will simply say - it makes me wonder what in the world I really have eaten myself into...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Make Shift Happen - from Mediocre to Magnificence

Make Shift Happen.

That's a funny play on words from my company... and I'm learning that making shift happen is shifting so many things for my family and I.

Such a small thing, having a second income that is from something I do everyday anyway is a phenomenal shift in the way I think of what I'm capable of. Receiving a paycheck weekly, and a monthly check from this that pays me the commissions I lost with my 9-5 recently (due to company changes) is.. mind boggling, relieving, exciting, stupid fun, crazy, did I mention mind boggling!?, and a HUGE blessing. It has shifted my mind set. I was scared when I started this. I'm not scared any more. I'm energized. I'm excited. I'm emotional. I'm passionate. I'm grateful.

I love this opportunity. It gave me back some dreams I thought I'd given up on. It gave my husband a hope he didn't even think he was capable of any more. I can not even begin to express how grateful and awed I am by what God has seen fit to bring into our lives through this.

I'm walking out of mediocrity into magnificence. I'm finding my inner pineapple. I stand tall, I am sweet on the inside, but tough on the outside, and.. I wear a crown.

I'm learning (again, because sometimes we forget the simple truths in life) that I speak what will be for me and mine. I speak to the mountain! I say "Mountain! BE MOVED!" And it is.

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